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Do you have a negligent employee? Then consider these three points when putting together allegations

by , 29 September 2015
Your employees have an obligation to you in that they offer up their skills and services to you. You can expect them to carry out their duties with diligence and attention.

But this isn't always the case! Negligence refers to an employee's conduct or his failure to reasonably act despite him being fully aware of the expectations laid upon him.

Should you wish to allege that your employee is negligent, there are three important points to think about when formulating the allegations.

They are:

1.       If the employee is to be guilty of negligence, then his actions or omission (failure to act) must be due to his fault and a direct violation of his duty. There must also be actual or potential damage or loss.

Remember, sometimes an employee might look like he's negligent, but it may be because of other factors.

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2.       For an act or omission to be negligent, there must be actual consequences that affect your business. If there isn't, then the potential for these consequences must be present.
3.       In order to determine negligence, you must consider the standard of care that you can reasonably from an employee. You must also consider all factors and circumstances around the conduct.

So, there are three points you'll need to look into before formulating any allegations of negligence against an employee.

Remember that when describing allegations, you must be very specific.   

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Do you have a negligent employee? Then consider these three points when putting together allegations
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