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Do you have employees that work at night?

by , 17 September 2013
Do you need employees to work between 18h00 and 06h00 in the morning? Did you know these employees get special protection under the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (Section 17 of the BCEA)?

You have to follow these three requirements, so you don't fall foul to the law!

You don't have to pay your employees overtime...
Paying your employees for working overtime can get expensive...
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Your employees can only perform night work if:
  1. The employee agrees. If you think you might need an employee to perform night work, make sure to include this in his employment contract. This'll make it clear to him from the beginning that you might need him to do so. He can't then unreasonably refuse to work at night after you have his agreement. You can take disciplinary action if he does.
  1. You compensate him with an allowance or reduced working hours. The BCEA doesn't say how much you must compensate or by how much you must reduce working hours. Even a small allowance or reduction in working hours is enough. But, if you pay him a shift allowance, then you don't have to pay extra. Just make it clear that the shift allowance includes compensation for any night work your employee performs.
  1. Transport's available between the employee's house and the workplace. You have to make sure transport between his house and your office is available at the beginning and end of his shift.  You don't have to provide the transport yourself.
But you can treat employees earning more than the annual threshold differently…

Are you displaying the Basic Conditions of Employment Act in your company?
If no, then you're not sticking to the law... and if you had this displayed, you'd know exactly how and when to compensate employees for night work.
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If your employee earns more than the earnings threshold (currently R193 805 per annum), you don't have to:
• Get his agreement to do night work. Although you must agree on work hours in general;
• Compensate him with an allowance; or
• Ensure that transport's available.
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Until next time,
Taryn Strugnell
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