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Do you know how many of your employees aren't at work today?

by , 16 March 2017
Do you know how many of your employees aren't at work today?Did you know that on average 15 - 30% of your staff could be absent on any given day?

And because of the high costs associated with absenteeism in your company that I told you about a couple of weeks ago, it's important for you to reduce absenteeism quickly.

So, why don't you implement strategies that are attractive to employees and assist them in staying interested and committed to their work and your company?

Read on as I give you 8 strategies you can implement today to keep your employees interested in their work and reduce absenteeism.

Eight strategies to make your employees want to come to work

Here are top strategies you can put in place today to reduce absenteeism:

1. Pay attention to job satisfaction, making tasks as interesting as possible, and try job rotation and ad hoc project involvement where possible.

2. Some forward-thinking companies also offer financial incentives for good attendance or add it as a criterion for motivational awards such as 'employee of the month'.

3. Create work teams. This is an excellent way to ensure all employees are involved.

4. Ensure employees are able to input into decisions that affect them by creating participative work groups.

For more strategies to increase employee morale and reduce unnecessary absenteeism, get your hands on the Labour Law for Managers Handbook.

Read on for four more strategies for the HR manager…
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'Absenteeism costs SA employers R16 billion annually!' Stats SA

The hidden costs of absenteeism can add up to 25% to your labour bill!

I'm sure you'll agree - you need to manage absenteeism effectively before you lose any more of your hard earned profits!

Here's how to get all the tools you need to curb the cost of absenteeism in your company.
Four more top strategies to reduce absenteeism in your company

5. Create a good leave management system that will help track absenteeism and identify alarming trends. To find out how to spot a pattern of abuse, and what you can do about it, simply follow this link…

6. Develop a solid policy on absenteeism that outlines how management should deal with cases of absenteeism. To get your hands on a sample policy, go here.

7. Make your employees aware of the huge cost of absenteeism and the impact it has on morale and fellow-workers. Find out the hidden costs of absenteeism here.

8. Monitor all situations of conflict carefully and where necessary deal with conflict in the workplace before it results in absenteeism.

And if your methods to reduce absenteeism haven't worked, find out when you can dismiss.

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Do you know how many of your employees aren't at work today?
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