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Do you know this effective tool to use against striking employees?

by , 16 November 2015
So your unionised employees are now threatening to strike, making demands which you believe cannot be met.

What can you do in defence?

Well, read on and discover an effective tool to use against striking employees...


I'm talking about lock-outs – a denial of employment to striking employees.

After a union gives notice of its intention to strike, you can then issue a lock-out notice.

Now, very often union officials and shop stewards will not tell their members of your right to lock-out, and so your employees will get a big surprise when they see the notice of a lock-out. Place this notice on your notice board so that all employees are aware of it.

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You see, by giving notice of a lock-out, you have already changed the power balance in terms of the labour dispute. This means that it's not up to the striking employees to decide when they'll return to work.

But just keep in mind that there are two different types of lock-outs (defensive and offensive lock-outs), and in this case you'll be using a defensive lock-out. This is a lock-out in response to a strike, and in which you'll not allow employees to return to work until they drop their demands. And unlike an offensive lock-out, which is a lock-out in which you deny employment until your demands have been met, you can hire replacement labour during a defensive labour so as to try and ensure your business runs smoothly during the strike.

*It's worth noting that, should you opt for replacement labour, they could very well be met with intimidation by striking employees, and so it might help to take extra security measures during the strike.

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