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Do you know what to do when an employee refuses to work overtime?

by , 03 July 2015
You have an employee called Michael. He works in your company's distribution department.

From time to time, you need employees to work overtime. Michael is fully aware of this. But now, he's refusing to do so...

You're feeling stressed because Michael has work to complete for next week. You know he won't get it done in time unless he works overtime this week. But he's refusing blatantly!

What can you do? Here's the answer...

First things first: Check the employee's contract

What does Michael's contract say about overtime? Have a careful look.
If there's an underlying agreement to work overtime, you're in luck! But if you're not, there's not much you can do now…

Act on what the employee's contract says regarding overtime

If there's an agreement for overtime work, notify Michael. If, after this, he still refuses to work overtime, you can discipline him.
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How would you discipline Michael?

You can charge Michael for insubordination. Or, you can even charge him for failing to follow a valid instruction from you. Take the necessary disciplinary steps. The process must then take its course.
If his contract says nothing regarding overtime, though, you can't do much. Michael is then entitled to refuse to work overtime. In this case you can either offer to pay him for overtime work, or postpone the deadline.

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Do you know what to do when an employee refuses to work overtime?
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