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Do you know what to include on your domestic worker's pay slip?

by , 18 December 2013
Did you know that you're legally bound to give your domestic worker a payment slip every month? That's not all. You must ensure this pay slip contains the following things...

If your domestic employee works more than 24 hours a month for you, he or she has rights.

And one of the things he or she is entitled to is a pay slip that contains the following info…

Make sure your domestic worker's pay slip contains these ten things

  1. Your name and address
  2. Your domestic worker's name and occupation
  3. The period for which the payment is being made
  4. Ordinary wage rate and overtime rate
  5. Number of ordinary hours worked
  6. Number of public holidays and Sunday hours worked
  7. Amount of gross pay due
  8. Details of any other payments
  9. Details of any deductions made by you
  10. Net amount paid

Remember to keep a copy of the pay slip and keep it for a period of three years.

What can you deduct from domestic workers' wages?

Unless your worker has given you written consent, you can only deduct certain things from his or her wages, says the Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service.

You can make the following five deductions:

  1. Unpaid leave
  2. Accommodation or a room supplied (this deduction cannot be more than 10% of their wages)
  3. Deductions to a savings scheme, sick fund, medical scheme, insurance policy, holiday fund, provident or pension fund, trade union fees, bank, building society or any other registered institution for a loan to buy a dwelling, person or organisation for rent of accommodation
  4. Deductions for a court or arbitration award
  5. Not more than 10% of gross wages can be deducted for a repayment of a loan or advance.

Now that you know what to include on your domestic worker's pay slip, make sure you comply to avoid landing at the CCMA.

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Do you know what to include on your domestic worker's pay slip?
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