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Do you know why the POPI Act was introduced?

by , 06 September 2015
The Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act will be coming into effect soon. It sets out to keep a close eye on all personal information out there.

Such information includes contact details (emails and telephone numbers), histories (medical and criminal histories) and biometric data.

POPI is important as it will create transparency with regard to how all personal information is used.

Here are the six other reasons for the POPI Act:

Reason#1:  Control all measures when it comes to the processing of all personal information. Such 'processing' includes the storage, usage, collection and destroying of all personal information. 

Reason#2:  The POPI Act will set limits with regard to who exactly can capture people's personal information. 
In other words, only 'responsible' people can carry out this task or an operator can act on your behalf.

Reason#3: The Protection of Personal Information Act will limit who owns the information. It is personal and so it will belong to the employee. 

Reason#4: POPI will create various rights and obligations that you must be 100% compliant with to avoid jail time and fines.

POPI Guide for HR Managers:

Simple steps to comply with the POPI Act

The POPI Act is a nightmare to read! It's 75 pages long with lots of legal terms and information to decipher.

But we have simplified it for you by selecting especially what is relevant to you as the HR manager.
The POPI Guide for HR Managers outlines:
What the POPI Act is all about;
How it affects you as the HR manager;
The impact it has on your business;
What you need to do to start complying NOW; and
Much more!

Reason#5:  POPI will ensure that all policies you might have with regard to personal information are regulated according to certain standards. 

Reason#6: The act will make sure that no one will be able to identify a person from all the information you collect. 
So, there are the six main reasons for the POPI Act. So make sure that you know all there is to know about it and ensure you are compliant. 

Is it hard to summarise all the information in the Labour laws and keep up with other regulations?
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But the Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service provides quick access to comprehensive and professional information about labour legislation. 

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Do you know why the POPI Act was introduced?
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