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Do you want to combat sick leave abuse? Then include this in your sick leave policy

by , 29 September 2015
Paid sick leave is in place for employees who are genuinely too ill or injured to work for short periods of time. But there could very well be those employees who abuse the system.

Sick leave abuse can cost you a lot because you'll end up paying the employee for work that he's not doing on the day. On top of that, there are times you'll have to pay for a temporary worker to fill his gap until he returns.

Now, a good sick leave policy can not only facilitate the effective management of your sick employees but, if laid out correctly, it can also address sick leave abuse in the workplace so as to curb it significantly.

So, it's a good idea to introduce a section in your sick leave policy that addresses any abuse of sick leave head on.

Here's what to include in that 'Sick Leave Abuse' section:

·         Start off by stating what sick leave abuse is and when the concern around it arises. For example, you can state that such a concern will arise when an employee is suspected of taking paid sick leave simply because it's available and not because he is genuinely ill or injured.

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·         Make it clear that any abuse can be met with dismissal, even before the employee's sick leave has finished.
·         Introduce what measures you'll take in an effort to combat sick leave abuse. These can include return-to-work interviews; acceptable levels of absenteeism before counselling procedures come into effect; internal audits of individual employees' sick leave; and all medical certificates being thoroughly looked into to ensure authenticity and compliance.
So, there were some important points to include in your sick leave policy when dealing with any sick leave abuse in the workplace.
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Do you want to combat sick leave abuse? Then include this in your sick leave policy
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