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Don't delay it! Implement these four compliance tips for POPI today

by , 30 August 2015
POPI is the Protection of Personal Information Act and it's now officially law. But government is yet to publish a date on which it will become effective.

It seeks to regulate the 'processing' of all personal information such as the collecting, storage and disposal of personal information.

Once it is effective, you will have one year to comply with it and three years if the Minister extends it.

Failure to comply with the Protection of Personal Information Act could see you having to pay a fine of R10 million and serving a prison sentence.

So follow these four steps towards complying with POPI as soon as possible:

1. Check the size of your organisation: 

Look at how many employees are in your organisation and determine the volume of personal information present in it.

2. Calculate how long it will take for you to become compliant: 

As was mentioned above, there will be set time limits with regard to meeting POPI's compliance standards. So calculate how long it will take so as to ensure that you will meet the deadlines. If you feel that you need more time, then the Minister might just allow it, but rather be safe…

Sleep better knowing you're on top of the POPI Act requirements!
The POPI Guide for HR Managers: Simple steps to comply with the POPI Act will ensure you:
Easily understand the complex POPI Act;
Know what the Act requires from you as the HR manager;
Understand your employees' rights so you can avoid legal comebacks;
Align your internal processes with the Act;
Meet the compliance deadline as soon as it's announced;
Train your managers and staff on the new changes;
Avoid steep penalties for non-compliance;
And much more!

3. Hold an information session on POPI: 

Hold this so as to build an awareness of the Act among your employees.

4. Look at your policies and procedures:

Look at your employment contracts as well as your internet and computer policies and make any necessary changes to ensure that they will protect your employees' information as much as possible and as soon as possible.
So there you have it! There are four very practical tips to ensuring compliance with POPI as soon as possible.

To find out more tips, click below… 

Is it hard to summarise all the information in the Labour laws and keep up with other regulations?
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Don't delay it! Implement these four compliance tips for POPI today
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