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Don't Discriminate! Know these three potential traps when recruiting

by , 31 August 2015
You simply can't discriminate, indirectly or directly, against any potential job applicants.

If you do, you could end up going to the CCMA and having to pay the potential candidate 24 months of salary. Even if you didn't hire the potential candidate!

So pay attention to these three traps that can end up in discrimination when recruiting potential employees:

1.Employers who, for example, only wish to hire white applicants might deter black applicants through pension fund traps. IN other words,

the employer will offer weekly paid jobs to black applicants but will only offer pensions to monthly paid employees. This is a dangerous practice as it is discriminatory in every sense of the word.

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2.Be careful not to require dress requirements that specifically require job applicants to show parts of their bodies that may be considered
prohibited in various religions and beliefs. For example, having a dress code that requires the legs to be shown could discriminate against Muslim applicants from applying.
3.Be careful when insisting on working late hours as a requirement for the job as this can easily discriminate against parents who need to get home to take care of their children.
There are three discrimination traps that you should watch out for when recruiting.

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Don't Discriminate! Know these three potential traps when recruiting
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