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Don't let the DoL inspector catch you out! Include these seven things in your employees' payslips

by , 06 October 2015
DoL inspections can be a scary thought, and understandably so. After all, labour inspectors can literally appear at your doorstep, ready to scrutinise all that's going on in your workplace, without any prior notice whatsoever.

Within his powers, the labour inspector can inspect and question you on any document relating to labour law.

Of these documents, any information around employee remuneration MUST be kept, especially for when the inspector decides to knock on your door.

One the things you must do, when it comes to information around employee remuneration, is to provide your employee with certain information on each payday. This usually takes the form of a payslip.

Here are seven things to include on your employees' payslips:

1.      Your name and address, as the employer;
2.      The employee's name and occupation;
3.      The period for which you are making a payment;
4.      The employee's remuneration in South African Rands;

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5.      Any deductions you make, alongside the amount and reasons for them;
6.      The ACTUAL amount paid to the employee; and
7.      If it's relevant to the calculation of an employee's remuneration, then:
·        The employee's rate of remuneration as well as his overtime rate;

·        The number of overtime and ordinary hours he worked during the period you're making a payment for;

·        The number of hours he worked during a Sunday, or a public holiday, during the period you're paying for; and

·        If you have an agreement to average working times in terms of Section 12, then the total number of ordinary and overtime hours she worked during the period of averaging.

So, there were seven things to include on an employee's payslip. Make sure to include them on all your employees' payslips every month so as to ensure compliance when the DoL inspector decides to place an eye on your business.

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Don't let the DoL inspector catch you out! Include these seven things in your employees' payslips
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