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EE forums: Here's what you need to know

by , 22 September 2015
If you're a designated employer, then the Employment Equity (EE) Act applies to you. It's your legal obligation to comply with it.

Failure to comply with the EE Act can lead to heavy penalties. So be aware!

The Employment Equity Act requires consultation with a representative trade union. If you don't have a union, then it will be with the employees or their nominated representatives.

But most designated employers have an EE forum. The consultations take place here.

Having said that, here is what you need to know about EE forums as well as what you need to ensure they're doing. So read on to find out.

What is the EE forum required to do?

The EE forum must:

·         Carry out an analysis of employment policies and practices to spot any obstacles to employees from designated groups;
·         Plan and draft and implement an EE Plan;
·         Review the EE Report before you give it to the Department of Labour;
·         Ensure your company is on the right track with your targets; and
·         Report any disputes that are reported by employees to the forum.

The only resource you need to:
Navigate the minefield of HR issues recent changes to the BCEA, EEA and LRA have created
What must you ensure?

You must ensure that the forum :

·         Is nominated and viable;
·         Representing recognised trade unions; black employees including Coloured and Indian employees; female employees; disabled employees; White males; senior manager; or all occupational levels.
·         Meets regularly;
·         Consults on areas that the Employment Equity Act requires; and
·         Consults on the implementation and monitoring of the EE Plan.

There were some important points for you to understand when it comes to EE forums. So if you're a designated employer, take a step forward and take action on them today.

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EE forums: Here's what you need to know
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