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Effectively manage unpaid leave by including these7 clauses in your leave policy.

by , 19 October 2015
It's very important for you to regulate leave in your company. And unpaid leave is no exception.

You can do this through incorporating a leave policy which includes specificities around unpaid leave.

So then, in order to effectively manage unpaid leave, include these 7points in your leave policy:

1.      Unless there are acceptable reasons for unpaid leave, it won't usually be given. And so any unpaid leave must be completely motivated and must be approved by a head of department.
2.      If a leave form must be submitted after the event, then the onus lies with the applicant to ensure it's done as soon as possible.
3.      A complete leave application must be submitted to the payroll administrator, after which it must be submitted to the employee's superior.

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4.      If applicable, the form must then be submitted to the Head of Department.
5.      Depending on the department's structure, the person who is authorised to approve leave applications must return an approved leave form to the HR department for personnel record purposes.
6.      In order to avoid any sick-leave policy abuse, the manager must take responsibility when it comes to managing and controlling employees' leave under his control.
7.      Absence without leave will be viewed as a very serious breach of the company's rules and regulations.
Those were seven things to include in your leave policy when it comes to unpaid leave.
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Effectively manage unpaid leave by including these7 clauses in your leave policy.
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