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Eight warning signs that your employee could be faking absenteeism

by , 09 September 2015
Absenteeism costs you thousands of rand every single year. It also hampers your company's overall production!
So, it makes sense to prevent it altogether.
Now, stopping it completely would be unrealistic as many of your employees will be genuinely ill or have some serious matter to attend to. But there are also some who will take their chances...

Overall, it will help address any early signs of absenteeism as it, regardless of the reasons, can hamper your business. By doing so, you can take any necessary steps to ensure that your business continues to move forward at a consistent rate.

So, here are eight warning signs to look out for in to spot someone abusing absenteeism:

1. A decline in the employee's performance on the job;
2. An increase in situations of inadequate timekeeping; 
3. There is an increase in conflict between the employee and his managers and/or colleagues; 
4. The employee has experienced a noticeable decline in overall morale at work; 


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5. The employee is demotivated and sees a lack of opportunity in moving forward; 
6. The employee is experiencing problems at home. 
7. The employee's health is declining due to some degenerative or serious condition; and
8. There is an identifiable pattern of absenteeism by the employee.
There are the eight warning signs to look out for when it coms to absenteeism.

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Eight warning signs that your employee could be faking absenteeism
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