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Ensure legal compliance by including these 6 elements in your AA policy's main body

by , 04 February 2016
When drawing up your affirmative action policy, you should include a 'main body' in order to be legally compliant.

This 'body' deals with your policy's practical application. In other words, it sets out how you plan to implement it in the workplace.

Now when drawing up the main body, here are 6 very important elements to include...

Element#1: Recruitment and selection

Here you should state in your recruitment process that you'll try and recruit people from designated groups who are suitably qualified.

You should also have good advertising processes to grow staff from within.

Element#2: Skills development and training

One of the best AA strategies is to train and develop your staff.

State in your AA policy that your skills and development training will be focused on employees from designated groups.

Element#3: Development and retention

Assess the designated groups to see where there's potential for a career path, and cover this is in your AA policy.

Also state that you'll only make such appointments when there are people who are suitably qualified.
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Element#4: Cultural sensitivity

No AA strategy will work in a company that doesn't promote growth.

Allow everyone to develop to their full potential, regardless of who they are or where they come from.

Element#5: Barrier analysis

Audit your workplace regularly to ensure that all policies, procedures and practices are free from any discriminatory barriers.
In other words, remove any barriers which prevent, in particular, individuals from designated groups from reaching their full potential

Element#6: Reasonable accommodation

Your policy should state that you're willing to make reasonable accommodation when a situation presents itself in your company.

For example, this could include building a ramp for wheelchairs so that physically-disabled employees can move around the workplace effectively and efficiently.
NOTE: The main body doesn't necessarily give a 'how to' description, but instead simply gives an ide of what you plan to do.

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Ensure legal compliance by including these 6 elements in your AA policy's main body
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