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Five areas that count as discrimination over pregnant employees

by , 13 September 2015
Unfair discrimination in the workplace can lead to a fine of R2.7 million or 10% of your turnover. So, you need to be very careful where you tread so as to not be found guilty of such an offence.

Pregnancy is one such area that you may not discriminate over in the workplace.

The definition of pregnancy includes the intention to fall pregnant; the termination of pregnancy; and any medical circumstance that relates to pregnancy.

So read on and learn these five situations, linked to pregnancy, that qualify as unfair discrimination:

1. You may not discriminate against an employee who wants to start a family.
2. You can't discriminate against an employee who terminates a pregnancy for whatever reason.

The only resource you need to:
3. You may not discriminate for any reasons that relate to pregnancy
4. You may not refuse to hire or promote a pregnant employee.
5. You can't refuse to re-hire someone after the baby is born.

So, there are five areas around pregnancy that you can't discriminate over. Keep them in mind and ensure that you are not found guilty of unfair discrimination.

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Five areas that count as discrimination over pregnant employees
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