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Five key clauses to include in your employment contracts

by , 21 October 2016
Five key clauses to include in your employment contractsEmployment contracts are the cornerstone to your relationship with all your employees.

They set out the terms and conditions of the employment, the duties of the employee etc.

When it comes to employment contracts, it's vital for you to realise the importance of what to include in your contracts.

Having said that, here are five key clauses that you should include in your employment contracts:

1.The name of the employee

Include the full name of the employee so you'll be able to prove it was the employee who signed the contract.

2.The date on which the employment begins

This will clearly state when the employee must report for work and when he becomes a paid employee.

This date can be set before the signature but it is better to get the signature before the work date begins.

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3.       The nature of the appointment

You must determine the most accurate description of the employee's position in your company.

Is he permanent or a fixed-term employee? Is he full-time or part-time?

Note that if your employee is on a fixed-term contract, you'll need to include a provision that lay out the circumstances over which the employment can be brought to an end.

4.       Probation

Consider if you'd like your employee to complete a trial period where you can see if he's suitable for the position.

You may consider:

·         A simple probation period. The employee must first complete it before his employment is confirmed.
·         A fixed-term probation contract. This will automatically expire on a certain date. After this, you can choose to enter into another contract with the employee.
5.       Place of work

If necessary, you'll need to decide on where the employee will be required to work.

This will usually be in your offices.

Remember to provide for any flexibility you believe your business will need.

So, there are five key clauses to include in your employment contracts.

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