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Five things you MUST do when your employee resigns

by , 20 August 2015
Resignation is the termination of employment by the employee herself. It is unilateral in nature. In other words, it does not require your agreement whatsoever. Apart from an intention to resign, an employee must also give notice. Requirements for notice periods differ according to the time that the employee has been working for you. This can range from one to four weeks. The employee's contract will only expire at the end of the notice period, unless it is waived by you as the employer.

Having said that, here are five things that you must do when your employee resigns...

1. Regardless of the reasons for why the employee is leaving, you must provide her with a certificate of service when she leaves.  

The certificate should include: 

Her name;
Her ID number;
Her job title and description;
Her salary; and
The fact that her employment was terminated because of her resignation.
2. You need to pay her the usual pay until the last day she works. This is normally at the end of the notice period. 
3. If you don't require her to work out the notice period, you will still need to pay her in place of the notice period. But if she asks you to waive the notice period and you agree, you don't have to provide notice pay. 
4. You must process any withdrawal benefits such as provident fund and pension.
5. You must pay her for the leave accrued.
So, there you have it – five things you should do when your employee resigns.

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Five things you MUST do when your employee resigns
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