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Five tips on presenting evidence at an arbitration hearing

by , 13 September 2015
Arbitration is a full re-hearing of your case against an employee. It includes a full investigation into the fairness of the dismissal.

Presenting your evidence at the hearing is vitally important. After all, it is what you will use to prove your contractual right to dismiss him in the first place.

Here are five tips on how to present evidence at an arbitration hearing:

1. First of all, you should be able to prove that the action committed by the relevant employee was in fact a prohibited offence. This can be done by referring to the relevant section in your disciplinary code and procedures.
2. You must prove the employee was actually guilty of the offence.

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3. You must present evidence that the employee was fully aware of the fact that the action was prohibited. This can be done by presenting a copy of your disciplinary code and procedures, which he signed, that shows he acknowledged receipt and understood its contents.
4. You must show that the broken rule was reasonable. 
5. You must present evidence to show your company sustained harm. If not, you should be able to prove that if the offence was to be repeatedly committed, it would cause damage and harm to your company. 

There are five tips to keep in mind when presenting evidence at an arbitration hearing. 

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Five tips on presenting evidence at an arbitration hearing
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