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Five tips to prepare for the labour inspector's visit

by , 20 August 2015
Labour inspections are a routine part of labour law. They're there to advise you and your employees on your right s and obligations under labour law; to investigate any complaints that might be lodged against you; and ensure you comply with employment laws and, of course, to carry out inspections.

A labour inspector can literally appear for an inspection of your business without any notice whatsoever. So it's important to always be prepared.

Here are five tips to prepare for labour inspections

1. Comply with the law

Keep up to date with all labour legislation and ensure that you're 100% compliant.

With over 70 changes made to the BCEA, EEA and Labour Relations Act in 2014... As YOU read this...
Your company could be hurtling towards a 


2. Display a statement of your employee's rights: 

Display your employees' rights in line with the Basic Conditions of Employment Act. This can be easily done through a wall chart. Click here to get yours. 

3. Have an attendance register: 

You must keep an attendance record for each employee for at least three years from the date of the first entry. 

Include on the register the following details:

The name and occupation of the employee;
Working hours;
Remuneration ; and
Any other necessary information in relation to your business.
4. Provide written details of employment: 

You must provide written details of employment to employees as soon as they start working.  Include these details in the employees' employment contracts. 

This details include, but are not limited to: 

The date on which employment began; 
Ordinary working hours;
Wages; and
Leave entitlement. 
5. Keep all information about payment
This can include providing payslips to your employees every month. 
So there you have it – five very practical tips to prepare for the day the labour inspector comes knocking on your door. 

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Five tips to prepare for the labour inspector's visit
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