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Follow these 5 tips to ensure your employee performance review is a success

by , 08 December 2015
If there's one thing you may not like, its performance reviews. But why? Because performance reviews can be a great motivational tool at your disposal.

By using performance reviews to highlight certain areas, you can achieve very successful results which lead to a significant increase in productivity.

Here are 5 tips to ensure that your performance reviews are a success.

Tips#1: Keep focussed on results

Keep the review focussed on the job itself. In other words, stay away from comments on behaviour and issues which aren't related.

Tip#2: Look at the review as an opportunity to motivate your staff

During the review, look into the following areas which will indicate what motivates the employee. Look into their responses and build on them so as to increase  motivation. These areas include:

·        The areas of the job most enjoyed by the individual;
·        The areas of the job which contribute mostly to personal growth objectives;
·        The most valued learning experiences;
·        Specific strengths that can be built on; etc.

You're obliged to do performance reviews. That's why you need an extremely easy to use, highly efficient system.

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Tip#3: Use it to build understanding

Use performance reviews to build relationships, which can lead to greater success.

Ask yourself these 2 questions:

·        Does everyone understand the conditions faced by your company?
·        Are there any areas they feel they could assist with, with regard to these conditions?

Tip#4: Keep it positive

Create a positive expectation in seeing it as a window of opportunity.

Encourage positive, goal-oriented behaviour.

Remember that negative criticism will more than likely lead to defensive, avoidant and deviant behaviour.

Tip#5: Support the values of the company

The way you approach performance reviews will give a clear indication of your company's values.

Now, your company's values should include participation, honesty, transparency and openness. If they don't, then the consequences of your performance review can be extremely damaging in terms of the level of respect for management.
Remember that problems should be met with solutions, and a performance review is a great opportunity for you to encourage constructive solutions.

But if you're really just not happy with a poor performer, then you can look into these 10 steps before dismissing her.
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Follow these 5 tips to ensure your employee performance review is a success
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