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Four examples on setting performance standards for your employees

by , 26 October 2015
Do you want to dismiss an employee whose performance, in your view, isn't satisfactory? In other words, her performance isn't good enough.

Well then, before you do so, there are a number of things you should consider before doing so, and one of those things has to do with 'performance standards'.

You, as the employer, are entitled to set performance standards for your employees. But which are, of course, reasonable.

Now, there isn't any 'correct' way to set out performance standards as they will depend largely on the job being performed.

So, here are four examples of how you can set performance standards for your employees:


Give your employee a detailed job description that sets out clearly what she's required to do and what level of performance is required.


Lay out Key Performance Areas (KPAs) which describe the main areas of the job the employee is required to focus on. You might want to set time frames on these.

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Alongside setting time frames, you may want to set clear-cut targets for the employee. This is especially appropriate in sales, where you can measure sales in specific rand terms over a particular period of time.


Give the employee a very specific set of tasks which must be completed by a specific due date, otherwise known as a 'D-Day'.

Depending on the type of job and employee, you may be required to set either more general standards or more specific ones.

Also, always remember to be reasonable in setting such standards.

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Four examples on setting performance standards for your employees
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