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Four tips for dealing with moonlighting employees

by , 04 September 2013
Moonlighting is the performance of extra work after hours for remuneration. This practice is often a tempting option for employees struggling to make ends meet. But how can you ensure your business isn't affected by moonlighting employees? Use these tips...

It's important that you deal with moonlighting effectively. If you don't, external work done by your employee could negatively affect your business.

Don't take that risk!

Follow these four tips to deal with moonlighting in your workplace

Tip#1: You must ensure your policies, or your employees' contracts of employment cover moonlighting, says the Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service.

Make it clear that your employees must declare all possible conflicts of interests and declare when they're moonlighting, even if there's no conflict.

Remember, you're not protected if you don't have a policy or a contract of employment that stipulates these rules.

Tip#2: Show some leniency towards employees who moonlight after hours where there's no conflict of interest.

Keep in mind that many employees face financial difficulty and extra income could alleviate this burden.

Tip#3: Be aware of the following and, if any of these instances occur, take disciplinary action against the offending employee:

  • Employees may not do, or spend time on, external work, during office hours.
  • Employees may not use your infrastructure to do external work.
  • Where employees moonlight after hours, (which isn't in conflict with your business) they may not be so exhausted the following day that they can't function properly when they're at work.
  • Employees may not moonlight at one of your competitors, suppliers or clients. This would result in a conflict of interest.

Tip#4: Where an employee moonlights after hours and it isn't in conflict with your business, allow him to continue moonlighting after he's declared it to you and as long as the bullet points explained above don't apply.

Use these tips to help ensure you deal with moonlighting employees effectively. 

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Four tips for dealing with moonlighting employees
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