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Four tips you can use to boost motivation and morale in your company

by , 03 February 2014
It's easy to motivate your employees at the beginning of the year when they're all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed from their long December break. But now that it's February, you've probably noticed office motivation and company morals is starting to dip. If this is apparent in your workplace, here's what you can do to boost it.

Can you believe it's February already?
From the looks on your employees' faces we're willing to bet you can.
If your employees need a boost in motivation and morale, here's what we suggest you do:
Use these four smart tips to up motivation and morale in the workplace
Here are a few tips 384 of the Best HR and Labour Tips Ever says you can use to boost motivation and moral in your workplace
Motivation Tip #1: Start the day right
Your arrival and the first moments you spend with staff each day have an immeasurable impact on positive employee motivation and morale. Start the day right. Smile. Walk tall and confidently.
Motivation Tip #2: Use motivational words
Use simple, motivational words to demonstrate you value your employees. Say 'please' and 'thank you' and 'You're doing a good job'. How often do you take the time to use these simple, powerful words, and others like them, in your interaction with staff?

Keep reading for two more tips...

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Use these four smart tips to up motivation and morale in the workplace continued...

Motivation Tip #3: Recognise achievements
Give your employees recognition when they've completed a certain task. This will help sustain morale.
Motivation Tip #4: Prioritising

Help your employees prioritise. Nothing is more demotivating than working hard to complete a task and then finding out that another task was more important. Sit down with your employees every week and review their priorities for the following week.
There you have it. Boosting motivation and morale in the workplace needn't be hard. You just need to make a concerted effort to work on it every day. The results will be self-evident.

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Four tips you can use to boost motivation and morale in your company
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