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Four ways to maximise your B-BBEE points using employment equity

by , 13 April 2015
I'm sure you know by now that new B-BBEE codes will be implemented on 1 May 2015. This means the way you calculate your BEE scorecard will change significantly.

But don't worry, there's a way you can still maximise your B-BBEE points.

Keep reading below to take advantage of the four ways you can maximise your B-BBEE points using employment equity so you don't lose out on business...

The Labour Relations Amendment Act is in effect from 1 April 2015...
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Four things you must do to maximise your B-BBEE points using employment equity

1. Prepare information for your employment equity report
If you're EE compliant, you must hand in an EE report to the Department of Labour. You have to hand it in before 1 October every year or 14 January electronically.

Rating agencies use the audited financial figures for the following measurement BEE criteria:
• Ownership;
• Management;
• Skills Development;
• Procurement;
• Enterprise Development; and
• Socio-Economic Development.

2. Grade your employees correctly
Because rating agencies use the employment equity report, they don't only count managers. They also include professional people who may not have anyone reporting to them. You must use the EEA9 Form for reporting.

Make sure you assign your employees correctly, especially in the middle management and junior management categories.

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3. Take the job description into account when you decide on the correct classification
In many companies, the job title doesn't describe your employee's full job requirements. For example, the receptionist just answers the phone and greets visitors.

In other companies, she'll do duties similar to an office manager. She may even have management responsibility for the tea and messenger functions. This means you can add her in the junior management category.

4. Make sure all your managers understand the importance of the employment equity plan and the B-BBEE targets
Develop your plan with your employment equity committee and managers responsible for recruiting and developing staff in their departments. Make sure they know the consequences if you don't meet the B-BBEE targets.

Now that you know how to maximise your B-BBEE points using employment equity, join us at our B-BBEE Amended Codes Workshop where BEE expert, Thembi Chagonda, will take you through the new amended B-BBEE codes using practial examples of how to implement these changes in your company. Click here to find out more…

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Four ways to maximise your B-BBEE points using employment equity
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