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Get your employment equity committee right - here's how

by , 07 December 2016
Get your employment equity committee right - here's howEmployment Equity is a priority for businesses! And the Employment Equity Act instructs employers to establish an employment equity committee. But it doesn't explain how you should form this committee, or what they need to cover in their meetings.

Here's the advice from the experts at the Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf.
How to form your employment equity committee
Form your committee by:
·         Nominating members
·         Democratic elections (per occupational level)
·         Voluntary nominations.
This committee can be made up of nominated or appointed employees. The labour law experts recommend your committee is elected by democratic election. If your employees elect the people, they're more likely to accept the decisions made by the committee.
You can approach certain groups of employees to join in relevant discussions on the EE Committee's agenda if you need them to (e.g. ask (additional) disabled employees to join in on discussions about workplace facilities, etc). This is especially helpful where it's not very practical to have a large committee that has every single designated group and gender represented on it.
Many people believe you can only nominate or vote for a committee member that's the same race or gender as you. This isn't true. A democratically elected EE Committee will represent the employees who voted it into office.
When it meets, the EE committee must:
  • Assess and recommend affirmative action measures
  • Review the EE Report that specifies whether the numerical targets and goals as well as the affirmative action objectives were reached.
  • Analyse the workplace demographic
  • Assess staff requirements
  • Assess the policies and procedures of the company for direct or indirect discrimination
If you haven't yet formed an employment equity committee for your business, start today!

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Get your employment equity committee right - here's how
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