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Got a strike on your hands? Use this clear reminder to put the union in its place

by , 22 March 2016
As reported on HR Pulse, the CCMA has given the United National Transport Union (UNTU), as well as the South African Transport and Allied Workers' Union (SATAWU), permission to go on strike, after which it notified its employer, PRASA, that it intends to do so on the 4th of April 2016...

In light of this news, it appears that the union has had quite a mouthful to say about the employer, viewing its strike action as following a path of 'justice'.

But they must remember that they should still act within the law. And if they don't, the employer can take necessary action!

Now it's fairly obvious that avoiding a strike altogether is the best course of action to take for your own company's sake. But if your company has an unavoidable strike on its hands, you can effectively manage it by responding to the union involved with the following reminder...


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Make sure the union clearly understands that you'll not tolerate any form of misconduct at all. And that you'll gladly be willing to discipline blatant misconduct, and even dismiss such employees if necessary.

Such 'misconduct' includes any violence, destruction to property, vandalism, hate speech and intimidation to other employees (non-members)

Remind the union that these are criminal offences and that you'll report such behaviour directly to the police.

What's more, let the union know that should any of this behaviour manifest itself during the strike, they'll receive an interdict from the Labour Court.
At the end of the day, you must remind the union that they are responsible for their members' actions. And that if their members, in any way, make life difficult for non-members, you'll take action against them.
*To learn more great tips and information on dealing with striking employees, go to Chapter S 02 in your Labour Law for Managers handbook.

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Got a strike on your hands? Use this clear reminder to put the union in its place
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