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How to reduce your HR admin work with Excel!

by , 20 January 2014
How much time did you spend on HR admin just yesterday? Does your office feel like it's a revolving door of employees with leave requests? Did you just spend another five hours going over your figures because the wages aren't balancing?

Sound familiar? And that's only half of the admin you have on your 'to do' list....
Did you know you can use Excel to cut down your HR admin work? So you'll have more time to focus on other areas of your job. I bet you thought Excel was only for accountants and book keepers. It isn't! You should be using Excel too. You have so much employee information coming at you daily and you need to stay on top of it all.
You can learn how to use Excel in HR admin on the 6th of February at the Excel for HR Workshop. At this customised workshop, you'll learn all the tools and tricks in Excel to reduce your HR admin.
But here are five ways you can use Excel to reduce your HR admin.
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Five ways Excel will help you cut down your HR admin down
  1. Create a database to record and monitor leave. Use Excel to monitor who's gone on leave and who hasn't so you can schedule adequately. This way you won't have half of a department on leave at the same time. And when you get a new leave request you can easily check your leave database and see how many days the employee still has due.
  2. You can compare employee details from different systems. You can use Excel in systems like payroll, email and other systems, to identify missing or duplicate employees, phantom employees, bank accounts numbers, email addresses. This will help you avoid over paying your employees.
  3. Use Excel in HR admin to retrieve salary rates and working days for your employees so you can calculate overtime and overtime pay in one easy step.

Two more ways Excel will cut your HR admin down
  1. Decide who gets commission. Vlookup is a function in Excel that joins databases together. It'll easily show you who made sales so you can decide who gets commission and calculate the commission due to them.
  2. Group your employees by job function or location for analysis. You can group all your employees into different categories and salary grades so you'll monitor each contact you have with an employee. For example, let's say you have a query for an employee called  John Smith, you can look him up in a database you've set up and see his job title, salary, job location, leave days due, sick leave taken, past performance reviews and pending or past disciplinary actions. Etc.
Learn these and other ways to use Excel in HR admin at the Excel for HR Workshop. Renowned spreadsheet solutions expert, Adrian Miric, will walk you through this workshop taking place on 6 February 2014 in Johannesburg. You'll spend a day with this ten years Excel veteran and learn how to cut your time spent on HR admin by half! To avoid disappointment, book and pay now because seats are filling up fast.
Until next time,
Yvonne Eribake
P.S. Early Bird Offer for the Excel for HR Workshop is only available for one more week. Book and pay before 28 January and you'll save R1 000 off the workshop price.

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How to reduce your HR admin work with Excel!
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