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I do solemnly swear... The new powers of HR professionals!

by , 18 June 2015
The Minister of Justice recently gazetted that professionals registered with the SA Board for People Practices (SABPP) are ex-officio Commissioners of Oaths.

This means you can now:
- Oversee oaths or affirmations;
- Take solemn or proven declarations; and
- Certify documents to be a true copy of the original.

'But who can be a Commissioner of Oaths?' I hear you asking... Keep reading to find out...

There are four categories of members that qualify
These are:
1. Master HR Professional;
2. Chartered HR Professional
3. HR Professional; and 
4. HR Associate.
And what exactly are the benefits of doing this? See below for more...

What being a Commissioner of Oaths means
  • The workload of current Commissioners of Oath will be less. For example, police officers and accountants.
  • You can support the government and law enforcement agencies fight fraud and corruption.
  • You have the power to visibly apply the SABPP Code of Conduct. Which means you must act ethically.
  • You'll play a vital role in preventing fronting and other unethical practices.
  • You'll be key change agents and champions for ethics, professionalism and nation building. 
  • Shows your clear commitment to the Constitution of South Africa.
  • You're the custodians of a multiple labour and other laws. Which means you have to make sure you're implementing them in your company!
  • This ex-officio status only applies to members in good standing. This means their fees are up to date and they don't have any ethical complaints outstanding against them.

A guide on powers and duties will be available shortly. And we'll make sure you have it the minute it's available!
In the meantime, your first step as a member should be to get a Commissioner of Oaths stamp. The Guide will give the details of what the stamp should have on it.
The recent public scandals around fake qualifications show how important it is to make sure employee's documents are real and original. It also shows the serious nature of the Commissioner of Oaths' role in verifying affidavits and declarations. Especially when it comes to fairness and consistency in disciplinary processes.
To register, contact the SABPP office on professional@sabpp.co.za.

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I do solemnly swear... The new powers of HR professionals!
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