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Increase performance with these 4 counselling-coaching tips when giving feedback to employees

by , 17 December 2015
Effective counselling and coaching can lead to your employees improving their overall production in your company. In other words, their performance and competency areas will increase and develop and you'll reap the benefits.

And a very important part of counselling and coaching has to do with giving FEEDBACK to your employees.

Take note of these 4 tips when giving feedback to your employees and apply them:


Start by asking the employee for a self-assessment before considering giving feedback to her.
By doing this, you can get an idea of how the person views the situation in question. This will help you determine the approach you adopt in giving feedback.

For example, you could ask: 'What worked well for you?' and/or 'What didn't go well…?'
If the responses are too vague for you to get a good idea of their views, then ask more specific questions, such as: 'What specifically do you mean by…?' or 'Could you give me any specific examples of…?'.


You're obliged to do performance reviews. That's why you need an extremely easy to use, highly efficient system.

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Give positive feedback first, and only move on to areas for improvement afterwards. Even then, any 'negative' feedback should be in the form of CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.

Use this approach when giving 'negative' feedback:

·        Base it on observations, and not on what you heard;
·        Give specific examples of what was said and done;
·        DO NOT attack the individual, but instead focus on the behaviour, actions and problem areas; and
·        Explain, in a rational manner, why the behaviour in question was inappropriate or unacceptable.

Try agree on actions and objectives. Ensure the employee completely understands the expected performance standards . Offer your support in achieving them.


ALWAYS end off on a positive note. You can do this with encouragement, which can in turn build the self-esteem of the employee.
*Those were 4 tips to use when giving an employee feedback as part of counselling and coaching in the workplace.

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Increase performance with these 4 counselling-coaching tips when giving feedback to employees
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