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Introduce a solid work culture and encourage diversity with these 5 characteristics

by , 18 November 2015
Diversity includes differences according racial, ethnic, social, gender and language lines. And incorporating and encouraging it in the workplace is an essential part of any business in today's globalised world- especially in a South African context, which is characterised by so much diversity.

Encouraging a culture for diversity in the workplace, in which employees are tolerant, and feel valued and included, is a great step towards creating and growing a successful business.

And in achieving this goal, you can ensure these 5 characteristics lay the foundation of your company's culture:

1. Openness

All of your managers should reject any secrecy in the workplace and, instead, promote debate, differing opinions and viewpoints. This will ensure that everyone feels valued for their thoughts. It will also enhance transparency in the workplace.

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2. Understanding

All of your managers should demonstrate understanding in that they should first enquire into issues before making decisions or judgements on them, alongside sharing information in a willing and timeous manner.

3. Honesty

All of your staff should realise the necessity on working along the lines of truth in the workplace, even if it's not necessarily pleasant. But also keep in mind that there are 'ways' in which to go about these things, without creating offence and animosity.

4. Fearlessness

Ensure your staff feel safe in the work environment so as to confidently carry out their duties without fear of any strict backlashes.

Unfortunately, fear and backlashes can be based on discrimination, which itself is an issue of diversity.

5. Responsibility

Give your employees and managers a sense of responsibility over the way your business is. Also encourage them to work together in making your business run for the better, instead of reaching culture-based deadlocks, based on intolerance towards each other.
These 5 characteristics can help ensure that a solid work culture is present in the workplace. It can form a great foundation for a diverse workforce that works together towards the sustainability of your business.

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Introduce a solid work culture and encourage diversity with these 5 characteristics
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