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'It's not my job' ... Eight reasons why job profiles can keep you out of trouble!

by , 02 May 2014
How often has someone said to you: 'It's not my job'? Does it make you want to climb through the phone and punch the person in the face for saying it to you? I know the feeling! But the truth is, all employees should have definite job profiles that outline what their responsibilities are. A job profile is more than just a description of a job. It outlines and describes the roles and responsibilities of each position in your company. It also includes information about working conditions, tools, equipment, knowledge and skills needed, and relationships with other positions.

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Eight reasons why job profiles make good business sense...
Reason #1: Job profiles can help you in discrimination claims!
This is especially true with people applying for a job or current employees applying for promotions. For example, a job applicant claims you didn't hire her because she's a woman. You then pull out your job profile and prove that gender has nothing to do with it. She simply didn't meet the required standards.
Reason #2: Job profiles can help you choose between two job applicants!
Job profiles will help you decide between two candidates who both meet the minimum standards. You can use other things from the job profile that weren't listed in your job ad to choose a candidate.
Reason #3: Job profiles can help you in poor performance claims!
It's much easier to prove an employee doesn't meet the responsibilities of a role if you have a well-documented job profile.
Reason #4: Job profiles provide structure!
Job profiles grade the positions in your business. Once you have the grading, you can then look at the salary scales. This'll help you pay people of the same grade similar salaries. It also gives you an idea of what to pay new employees. 

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Eight reasons why job profiles make good business sense... Continued
Reason #5: Job profiles help you comply with the law and code on employees with disabilities!
You shouldn't give an employee with a disability the generic job description that others in the same
position get. Specify the duties he won't have to perform in that role. You must also specify what accommodations you'll make for him.
Reason #6: You can use job profiles for recruitment advertising!
Job profiles can form the basis of your recruitment adverts. You need to give the right information to attract the right candidate. For example, don't just say 'marketing manager wanted'. You'll get a flood of responses that you'll have to sift through to find the right candidate.
Reason #7: Job profiles form the foundation of training and development!
You can use them to assess where an employee needs to grow and mentor him. The profile will tell you what training he needs to close the skills gap, or what training he needs to move to the next level.
Reason #8: Job profiles are essential for restructuring!
If you're restructuring, you can match the job profile to the new position to see who gets the job in the new structure.
So now you know why you need job profiles, make sure your job descriptions are also up to scratch. Click here to get the best tool to create yours now…
Until next time,
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'It's not my job' ... Eight reasons why job profiles can keep you out of trouble!
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