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Make your employees not want to miss work with these five strategies

by , 09 September 2015
Absenteeism can severely hamper your business's efficiency and effectiveness, not to mention the costs involved every year.

But what if you could reduce absenteeism significantly by implementing simple strategies that aim at employee motivation?

Well, you can!

Here are eight strategies you can implement to ensure your employees WANT to come to work:

1. Involve employees

Involve employees in decisions that affect them by introducing work groups for each employee to participate in.

2. Inform your employees 

Inform your employees of the negative consequences of absenteeism. Explain how it will not only affect the business, but also them alongside their overall morale.

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3. Keep things interesting 

Wherever possible, keep work interesting by implementing job rotations as well as ad hoc project involvement.

4. Address conflict as soon as possible 

Addressing any conflict in the workplace as soon as possible and encouraging resolution will enhance solidarity in the workplace and so make your employees want to come to work. 

5. Introduce incentives 

Introduce incentives that reward good attendance by employees. This is bound to work on many employees.
There were five strategies you can use in motivating your employees to attend work and, in so doing, avoid absenteeism.

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Make your employees not want to miss work with these five strategies
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