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Managers, don't let the "Glassdoor" slap you on your unhappy employee's way out

by , 29 November 2013
It was bound to happen! For years, your employees have ranted to their friends, colleagues and Facebook pals about their work environment, now UK workers have a platform where they can have a full rant. It's called Glassdoor and while it hasn't taken off here yet, it's only a matter of time. That's why you should listen to your employees' gripes and do whatever you can to cultivate a happy workplace - before it ruins your ability to hire new staff...

Always wondered what your staff really thinks about their work environment? Are they really happy at work?

Wonder no more.

Sites like Glassdoor and Rate My Employer are giving employees full license to 'vent to their feelings about their workplace, in the same way TripAdvisor services holidaymakers,' explains HR site cipd.co.uk.

While this is bad for business, it's even worse for recruitment. Would-be hires are queuing up to use the service to check out what other employees have to say before accepting jobs there.

Currently, the site covers over 150 000 companies around the world and has roughly 75 million page views per month!

That's bad news if you're recruiting and know your company's work environment is less than happy. But it doesn't have to stay that way…

Do this to cultivate a happy work environment

One of the first things you can do to create a happy workplace is to encourage work-life balance in your office. After all, your employees are people too. They have interests outside of work too.

You can also try to be community minded at work and show your employees you actually care about them. Do this by making time to say hi to your staff and learn all their names (especially important if you run a major corporation), says Business Coach, Cheryl Stein.

Also, find out little facts about them and their lives that you can talk around. Knowing something about them will make your staff feel like they're more than just a number.

Make sure all your managers do this too.

And don't forget to say thank you for a job well done. It's the little things that count when making your staff feel appreciated.

When it comes to the big things – like bullying, sexual harassment and grievances – never ignore an accusation. Not only is it your responsibility to protect your employees from harm, but you can bet they've spoken to one or two other colleagues about what's going on. Your actions – or inactions – will become public knowledge.

There you have it. Keeping your company off Glassdoor's list isn't that hard. You just need to work at cultivating a happy work environment and nip unhappiness in the bud before it spreads like flu.

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Managers, don't let the "Glassdoor" slap you on your unhappy employee's way out
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