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Motivate your employees at work with these 3 tips

by , 18 November 2015
It's a fact, employees work more effectively and efficiently when they feel motivated.

But one of the greatest challenges for you is creating a work environment that actually motivates your employees to work.

So what can you do?

Well, for starters, it can help to look into what makes your employees tick.

Follow these 3 key tips on understanding what motivates your employees...

Tip#1: Carefully observe your employees over an extended period of time

Pay close attention to what your employees say and do in various situations.

Look into the following:

·        Are they positive or negative in their attitudes towards things?
·        Do they openly express their feelings or bottle them up?
·        What hits their 'hot buttons' emotionally?
·        Do they get along with each other or are some of them 'loners' or even confrontational?
·        Do they analyse things thoroughly or do they act or are they action-driven?

By asking yourself these questions, you can get an idea of who your employees are as people. And by understanding this, you can develop effective ways to motivate them, according to who they are.

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Tip#2: Ask individuals what they expect from you as a manager

Get information such as to whether they enjoy regular contact and support, or do they prefer autonomy and independence.

By knowing this, you can adjust your management styles accordingly so as to get the best out of each employee.

Tip#3: Know non-work things about your employees

The reality is that employees are far more than employees in your workplace. They're people first. And so by understanding this, you can really motivate your employees to be more efficient in the workplace.

In other words, by knowing non-work things about your employees – such as their lives, interests, values etc. – you can build a stronger relationship which brings out the best in your employees.
*At the end of the day, each employee is an individual with separate interests and values. You should understand what's important to your employees and then utilise it in your business.

Those were 3 tips to follow in motivating your employees at work.

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Motivate your employees at work with these 3 tips
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