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News: Contract work is preferred over permanent work, says director

by , 27 October 2015
As reported on BD Live, highly-skilled, white-collar workers, such as engineers and those workers in the financial services prefer to opt for contract work rather than permanent employment.

This is as according to Jabu Banda, Marketing and Sales Director at Highveld (a company which brings together employers with prospective employees).

By law, workers who are employed for more than three months on a contract, and who earn less than R205 433.30 a year, are considered permanent.

But according to skilled workers, Banda says that they prefer contract work for its flexibility.


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He went on to say that contract workers can be more productive.

'If you get paid per hour, you watch what time you get to work, how many smoke breaks you take, and we believe that is a contributory factor to the demand for contractor workers in the market place,' said Banda.

What's more is that, particularly in construction, companies wish to scale up and down, wherever necessary, depending on projects – and so contractors might benefit here.

But while contract work may be increasing in use, the Federation of Unions of SA General Secretary, Dennis George, said that the requirement
to make an employee, who is employed for more than three-months on a contract, is still necessary as it can prevent any employer's desire to 'abuse' contract workers.
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News: Contract work is preferred over permanent work, says director
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