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News: Government has released cyber-crimes Bill draft for comment. Read on and help protect your business's data from theft

by , 14 October 2015
As reported on the Mail and Guardian, South Africa is very prone to cyber-attacks.

Not only is there effective 'requirement' for companies to make known breaches within systems, but there are also no real paths for victims to follow in pursuing these crimes.

Overall, the economy could be at risk.

In today's age of technology, cyber-crimes are a reality which must be dealt with seriously.
They are continuously being committed and reported, with the most recent high-profile cyber-crime being the theft of millions of users' data from the adultery website, Ashley Maddison.
And South Africa is by no means excused from these crimes. Because according to the Mail and Guardian, a 2013 report by Norton, an anti-virus company, showed that the third-largest number of cyber-crime victims were in South Africa.

How the Ashley Madison hack can save your business R10 million…

It's made headlines worldwide… The site where you should have an affair because life is short was recently hacked. And the personal data of more than 322 000 South Africans is now at the mercy of hackers.

And while you might not personally be a member of the site, nor have any interest in doing so, have you considered the consequences to your business if someone hacked into your client database? Or worse, one of your employees sells your client's – or even employees – information onto a third party? Well, I'll tell you…

It could cost you up to R10 million in fines and possibly even jail time! Don't believe me?

Read on…

What's worse, is that cyber-criminals are continuously adapting and evolving their strategies, becoming ever more sophisticated in their attempts to pursue cyber-crime.

And so, with age of technology having fully immersed our society today, the government has recently published a cyber-crimes and cyber-security Bill draft with which it hopes to address the issue and protect its nation's users from cyber-crime.
According to gov.za, 'the draft Bill aims to put in place a coherent and integrated cybersecurity legislative framework to address various shortcomings which exist in dealing with cybercrime and cybersecurity in the country…'

To view the draft Bill for comments, click here.


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News: Government has released cyber-crimes Bill draft for comment. Read on and help protect your business's data from theft
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