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Our gift to you: The ultimate overtime checklist

by , 06 November 2014
If you're an employer, Christmas has come early.

We're already feeling the spirit of giving and today we're giving you the ultimate overtime checklist.

One of the reasons behind this is our experts have noticed how many employers are struggling to deal with overtime, especially at this time of year when they have to ask some of their staff to steer the ship over the holidays by working overtime.

The good news is your days of struggling with overtime are over. Take a look at the ultimate overtime checklist below.

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Revealed: Our ultimate seven point overtime checklist

#1: If there's a chance you'll need your employees to work overtime, make it compulsory in your employment contracts.
Check out the Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service to discover the clauses you must include in your employment contracts regarding overtime.
#2: Decide if agreeing to the option of time off instead of payment for overtime makes business sense.
#3: Audit your work schedules to make sure you're not making your employees work more overtime than the law allows.
Remember, your employees can't work more than ten hours of overtime a week (Section 10 (1) (b) of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act). You also can't make an employee work more than 12 hours of overtime on any one day (Section 10 (1A) of the BCEA).
#4: Audit your payroll to make sure you pay correctly for overtime. Check the wording of your employment contracts and make sure you can rely on the higher earnings threshold before you refuse to pay.
#5: Check if your disciplinary code is in line with the overtime policy in your employment contracts.
#6: Make sure you've warned your employees about the penalties if they refuse to work overtime and if the penalties are appropriate, given the importance of overtime in your business.
#7: Check your risk of an overtime ban and have contingency plans for this risk.
Using this checklist will help ensure you never struggle when dealing with overtime.
PS: Because dealing with overtime is complex, in addition to this checklist, we recommend you get a copy of Your Essential Guide to Overtime: Everything You Didn't Know About Overtime and More.

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Our gift to you: The ultimate overtime checklist
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