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Pave the way for an effective HR strategy with these 4 steps

by , 13 March 2016
Research has shown that companies whose human resources strategy is in line with their business strategy can experience an increase in revenue per employee, as opposed to companies without one.

And so it's safe to say developing an HR strategy is highly beneficial to your business.

But before creating and implementing your own HR strategy, one thing you should do is select the appropriate people to be involved in developing it.

Here are 4 steps on how to do just that...


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Put together a representative team that will be able to offer a wide range of skills and functions.

Include a manager from each of the line departments, as well as your Human Resources managers.

There is no set limit to the size of this group. But in order to facilitate meetings, try not to exceed 10.


If your company is widely dispersed, geographically speaking, don't forget to include and talk with members from EVERY area.

REMINDER: The HR strategy is the responsibility of the ENTIRE company and not just the HR department. But it's vitally important that all HR employees are involved in its development.


Make an objective that both line management and the HR department will make a serious effort to better understand each other's needs and appreciate their contributions.


Ensure that everyone in the group understands their purpose and the roles that are expected of them.

In other words, the role of each member of the team is to give input to the HR department through their knowledge and understanding of the department they represent.

And the role of the head of the HR department is to ensure that all input received from the line departments is put together into an integrated HR strategy that'll support the company's overall business strategy.

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Pave the way for an effective HR strategy with these 4 steps
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