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POPI Act is coming into effect! Here's how you can comply before it's too late

by , 10 May 2017
There are talks about POPI coming into effect before the end of this year.

This means you have to make sure you comply with the Act NOW! If you don't comply, you'll face fines of up to R10 million and even jail time!

But where will you start?

Keep reading below to find out five basic rules...


How a third party getting hold of your employee's marital status could land YOU with a R10 million fine or jail time!
The Protection of Personal Information Act, commonly referred to as POPI, controls the processing of personal information. This is to protect people's information from being used for abuse, harassment and even illegal purposes.
And it's up to you to make sure your employees' personal information and data doesn't end up in the wrong hands…
Here's everything you need to know to prevent it from happening to your business

Five basic rules to make sure you don't violate employee privacy
1.Don't keep any personal information about an employee if you don't need it.
2.Only employees who need access to personal data about other employees must have it. For example, Human Resources or the employee's supervisor.
3.Don't give employee information to anyone in your company. You can only do this if you have his permission.
4.Don't give employee's information to anyone outside your company without the employee's permission. But you can if the law says you must.
5.Don't worry about what employees do after hours and outside of work. UNLESS it affects your company reputation or his ability to do his job. For example, a financial manager who commits fraud. 

So, now you know the basic rules, I want to show you how you can protect employee information. Click here now to find out more…

Until next time

Annabel Koffman
P.S. We've just updated some important steps on annual leave and your rights regarding leave for staff – if you don't yet have your copy of the Labour Law for Managers Handbook – you can claim a trial copy here.

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POPI Act is coming into effect! Here's how you can comply before it's too late
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