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Protect your business from labour law cases by including these 7 points in your employment contracts

by , 10 December 2015
Employment contracts are extremely important, as they lay out the terms and conditions of the relationship between you and the employee.

So you need to be careful about what you include so you can protect yourself from unwanted labour law cases.

But there are seven vital points you must include in your employment contracts. Let's have a look...

Point#1: Probation period

The point of a probation period is so you can evaluate an employee's potential BEFORE you appoint her. In other words, a probation period can help you see if it's the right decision to let her join your company.

But remember:  you CAN'T use probation periods as an opportunity to dismiss employees. This would be an unfair labour practice.

Point#2: Company rules and regulations

ENSURE your employee signs a copy of your company's rules and regulations show she's read and understood them.

Point#3: Confidentiality clause

Include a confidentiality clause in your employment contracts to help prevent employees from sharing sensitive information with any outsiders.

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Point#4: Training clause

If your employee must go for training, make her sign a training clause. This will keep her at your company for a specified period after she completes her training.

This can help you balance out her training costs by keeping her in your company for a period of time, instead of her leaving directly after she receives her training.

Point#5: Compulsory company schemes

If you have compulsory company schemes, such as medical aid or pension funds, then you should clearly mention what they are, what the contribution portions are and what the alternatives are.

Point#6: Disclosure of information

Get your employee to sign a disclosure of information clause which states that all the information she provided to you is true.

This will protect you if you find out she lied about any of the information she provided you.

Point#7: Email policy

By including an email clause, it'll allow you to check your employees' emails from time to time.

This can prevent any abuse of your computer systems, and internet, which are intended to be used for business purposes.
*Those were 7 important points to include in your employment contracts so as to protect yourself and your business.

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Protect your business from labour law cases by including these 7 points in your employment contracts
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