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"Are 'project consultants' considered employees of my company?"

by , 13 May 2016
Recently, a subscriber of Labour Law for Managers asked:

'We're appointing employees as 'project consultants' and this raises a big question among my colleagues:

If we hired them as 'consultants', are they still employees of our company?

This is a very good question as there's a massive distinction between the two terms, one which will greatly affect the wording and layout of the employment contracts.

So keep reading to find out the answer to this question...

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The answer for our subscriber is…

To determine whether or not they are your employees will depend on what you expect of them…


If they are financially dependent on you,


If they fall under your control and discipline, and you regulate their hours of work, and give them instructions as to what they must do in the workplace,


If they work, or render their services, only for you, or


If they make use of your workplace's equipment, and if you provide them with company tools to perform their tasks…

Then your so-called 'project consultants' are regular employees of yours, and so you'll have to reconsider the base on which you hired them.

*To learn more on what makes someone an employee of yours, page over to Chapter E 03: Employees vs contractors in your Labour Law for Managers handbook.

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"Are 'project consultants' considered employees of my company?"
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