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Recap: What exactly is the purpose of employment contracts?

by , 20 September 2015
Employment contracts are critical as they lay out the relationship between you and your employees.

Now, we might know that form a vital part of labour law. But do you remember their purpose?

So, let's recap.

Here are seven important points to keep in mind with regard to exact purpose of employment contracts:

1.       Contracts state the terms and conditions that will apply to the employee throughout his employment.

2.       Contracts state what it is you'll pay the employee.

3.       They provide information of what benefits and working conditions you will provide.

4.       They lay out what duties the employee has to you.

Make sure your policies, forms and contracts are legally correct every time

Can you answer these questions?
  • Does your chairman cover all the necessary points when chairing a disciplinary hearing?
  • Are your employment contracts up-to-date and do they include the minimum law requirements?
  • Do you have all the relevant documentation to win your case if a dispute arises with an employee?
  • Have you given all your past employees a certificate of service?
5.       They state when the contract starts.

6.       They state how and when the contract is terminated by either of you.

7.       They state when the contract is terminated automatically.

Remember that contracts should be clear and to the point. They should be easy to read and understand. Also, they should contain all issues that are relevant to the employment relationship.

So, keep the above-mentioned points in mind when dealing with employment contracts.

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Recap: What exactly is the purpose of employment contracts?
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