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Revealed: 21 types of bullying tactics workplace bullies use

by , 27 June 2016
Revealed: 21 types of bullying tactics workplace bullies useDear reader,

Bullying in the workplace happens more often than you think! And the biggest problem is that companies often do very little about it. Why?

Firstly, employees don't openly speak about bullying. Secondly, it's often senior people doing the bullying, so nobody points it out, and nobody takes action. Don't let this happen in your company!

Lookout for these 21 types of workplace bullying tactics so you can deal with workplace bullies head-on.

Bullying is intimidating, insulting and demeaning behaviour that erodes your employee's confidence and lowers his or her self-esteem.
It's mostly on going and causes a decrease in productivity.
It also causes morale damage to more employees than you may realise, because workplace bullies often target more than one person.
The good news is you can curb workplace bullying if you know what to lookout for…

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Lookout for these 21 types of workplace bullying tactics

The Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service explains that victims of bullying say these are the tactics workplace bullies use:
1.       Falsely blaming the employee for mistakes he didn't make.
2.       Staring or glaring at the victim.
3.       Ignoring the employee's thoughts or feelings in meetings.
4.       Using the 'silent treatment' to exclude the employee from others.
5.       Random mood swings in front of employees, especially sudden anger.
6.       Making up his own rules on the fly. Rules that even he (manager) doesn't follow, but applies them harshly on others.
7.       Disregarding good quality work without reasons or proof.
8.       Always criticising the victim. And applying a different 'standard' of work for him.
9.       Starting, or not stopping, rumours or gossip about the person.
10.   Encouraging other employees to turn against the victim.
11.   Singling out an employee from his co-workers. This can be either socially or physically.
12.   Yelling, screaming or throwing tantrums in front of others to humiliate a person.
13.   Taking credit for work done by the employee.
14.   Abusing the evaluation process by lying about the person's performance.
15.   Claiming the victim is insubordinate for failing to follow arbitrary instructions.
16.   Using confidential information about a person to embarrass him.
17.   Victimising the employee after he files a complaint.
18.   Giving undesirable work as punishment.
19.   Encouraging the person to quit or transfer to another division to get away from the mistreatment.
20.   Disrupting the victim's contribution to a team goal and reward.
21.   Ensuring an employee fails by not performing tasks he needs to. For example, signing off documents and ignoring his telephone calls.
Keep in mind that bullying ranges from being very subtle to extreme. Workplace bullies are often manipulative and charming to the more senior managers. This is one of the reasons it goes unnoticed by management for so long.
Warning: You're liable for the acts of your employees (vicarious liability). This means you'll be held liable if a senior manager is bullying one of your employees.
So make sure you eliminate bullying in your workplace now that you know the bullying tactics. Get your hands on our sample template to implement in your workplace today…
P.S Do you know what procedures to follow if one of your employees lodges a sexual harassment complaint? Find out what the procedures are here….

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Revealed: 21 types of bullying tactics workplace bullies use
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