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Sacked government ministers have just one more thing to do: Return company equipment

by , 10 July 2013
It's out with the old and in with the new in Cabinet this week. This after Human Settlements Minister, Tokyo Sexwale, embattled Communications Minister, Dina Pule and Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs Minister, Richard Baloyi received the boot yesterday when President Jacob Zuma reshuffled his Cabinet, BDlive reported. In his address in Pretoria, Zuma, appointed five new ministers as well as four new deputy ministers. While Zuma reportedly thanked the outgoing ministers for their contribution to government, there's one more thing the sacked ministers must do before they leave office. And that's to return equipment. Here are just some of the items a departing employee must hand over...

According to the Ministerial Handbook, Members of Parliament may occupy, for official purposes, one State-owned residence in the capital of their choice, free of charge. In addition, they're also given official vehicles.

And these are just some of the perks the ministers who've been fired will have to forfeit.

While your employees may not be privy to the same lavish lifestyle perks, they too must return company equipment when they leave your company.

'Your departing employee must hand over any equipment, hardware and tools he may have been given to help him to do his work,' says the Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service.

Here are just some of the company equipment a leaving employee must return:

  • Security access card
  • ID badge
  • Parking allocation
  • Credit cards
  • Pager
  • Cellphone and SIM card
  • Computer (desktop or laptop)
  • Stationary
  • Software and hardware (including all disks)
  • Employee handbook or company handbook
  • Keys for building and access points
  • Keys for the office and file cabinets
  • Company uniform

In addition to this, ask your employee the following questions to ensure he's returned all company equipment:

  • Have you signed the transfer papers for the car?
  • Did you transfer your cellphone number and account?
  • Did you delete all your personal folders on the computer, including Outlook?
  • Have you given the receptionist all the forwarding details to forward post/telephone calls?
  • Did you give the IT provider your forwarding email address for emails to be forwarded?
  • Did you hand over all hard copies of company information in your possession?
  • Do we have the password for your computer?

Ensure you complete a checklist of all company equipment that must be returned. This will ensure your departing employee doesn't leave with company equipment.

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Sacked government ministers have just one more thing to do: Return company equipment
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