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Seven tools to keep your best Employees

by , 18 November 2013
Losing a key employee is costly. Just think about the time it took you to find that employee with the perfect skill set. Not to mention your losses due to productivity, quality and recruiting. Remember, it takes about six months for a new recruit to start adding value.

There's a solution though; we've got seven tools you can put in place today to make sure you keep your best employees in your company. Let's have a look.

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Seven key tools to keep your best employees
  1. Communicate and enforce your rules, values and approach
Everyone must stick to your rules. Even senior managers as they set the tone for the company. This will create a culture of trust and respect.
  1. Set clear expectations for your staff
Give your employees their own job specs. This will clearly show them what you want them to do.
  1.  Give your employees rewards and recognition
Try giving a bonus, a day off, a raise, a promotion, a written thank you note, an award in front of their peers or a chance to go for a meal with you. You decide what kind of reward you want to give your employees.
  1.  Show your employees respect
Basic respect is one of the key issues to establish an environment conducive to people wanting to stay.

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Here are the last three tools
  1.  Encourage great leadership and an open corporate culture
 If your employees don't respect your managers and your corporate culture is rotten from the top, they'll never respect them or each other. Let your employees raise issues of concern.
  1. Get your employees talking about your company brand
What attracts employees to your company in the first place is often what keeps them. Internal branding is vital! Employees are walking, talking adverts for your company.
  1. Communicate your company strategy
Tell your staff where your company is going. Each job adds something to the company's ability to meet its goals. You need to make sure employees know their importance in your company.
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Be informed,
Yvonne Eribake
P.S.  Ask your employees what will make them stay .Go to Chapter R06 in your Practical guide to Human Resource Management Loose leaf and get a sample questionnaire.

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Seven tools to keep your best Employees
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