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'Shall we try this tonight baby?'

by , 10 March 2014
This was a rather graphic email a friend of mine had the 'pleasure' of picking up off the printer. It contained more than a couple of extremely descriptive sexual suggestions and a rather raunchy picture - which, quite frankly, made her blush when she was telling me about it!

'Taryn, what do I do? How do I even tell *Michael it was me who picked it up, and how do I discipline him?'
What can she do? Keep reading to find out…

Part-Time CCMA Commissioner reveals:
'If you want to stay out of the CCMA, you need to have these 50 HR policies and procedures in place in your company!'
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'What action can a company take against an employee who was found to have porn on his company laptop?'

The truth is: Work is work. And porn isn't welcome at work – unless of course that's the line of business you're in. But for most of you I'm sure this isn't acceptable. So what can you do to stop this?
Firstly, you have to have an internet, email and pc policy – make sure it includes a monitoring an interception policy. If you don't, and you're tracking what your employee looks at on his pc, he could sue you for breach of privacy!
If you've got one in place, then you can give your version of *Michael a final written warning, after following your disciplinary process of course! If it's the first time... Dismissing him is a bit unfair, unless, for example, he sent the email around or showed it to colleagues.
If this isn't the first time you've caught him, you can fire him. After following a fair dismissal process of course!
You must also include these sanctions in your disciplinary policy so you can make sure you don't get taken to the CCMA for firing the porn-addict unfairly.
Let's look at the sanctions.

So, make sure you have your ducks in a row when it comes to your policies, procedures and sanctions. Use these 50 HR documents to implement in your business today.
*This isn't his real name, we changed it to protect his identity and avoid any embarrassment for all parties concerned

Until next time,

Taryn Strugnell

P.S. We'll be launching an exciting new software in the next few days. It'll help you store and manage all your employee data... From warnings, to personal information and performance related issues. Email me at taryn@fsp.co.za and I'll make sure you're the first to know when it's ready.

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'Shall we try this tonight baby?'
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