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Six areas you need to look into to ensure you're complying with the Employment Equity Act

by , 03 February 2016
26 Amendments, to the Employment Equity Act, were promulgated in 2014.

If you're still not sure how to implement these changes, you could very well have to cough up hefty fines of 10% of your annual financial turnover.

But you can avoid these penalties with some very useful methods, one of which is to start assessing how your company is doing things in relation to the EE changes.

This is especially important so as to avoid any potential unfair discrimination. And you definitely don't want anything like that!

So start looking into the following 6 areas in assessing your company with regard to the new EE changes...

Area#1: Recruitment practices

This includes fair hiring procedures, determining citizenship and affirmative action pipelines.

In other words, where and how you find potential employees from previously disadvantaged groups, how you select them, and are your EE targets driving your recruitment process?

Area#2: Demographics

I.e. Are you actually bringing disadvantaged groups into your business?

Is your company reflecting regional and/or national demographics more than it did in the past?

Area#3: Remuneration

Can you explain the income differentials between the occupational levels in your company? This includes between employees who are doing work of equal value.

Area#4: Terms and conditions of employment

What are the criteria you use to determine who gets what from your company?

Area#5: Management practices

Do your managers know what makes for unfair discrimination, the burden of proof required to defend a slim of unfair discrimination and the personal liability for derailing the company's efforts?

Area#6: Training and development

What is your company doing to train employees from previously disadvantaged groups?

At the end of the day, the new legislation regarding EE requires you to create step-by-step plans of how you'll address EACH of the above-mentioned areas.

This is to show that your EE efforts are working and up-to-date.

*Do you want to learn of the amendments and how to further manage them? Then check out chapter E08: Employment Equity Act Amendments 2014 in your Practical Guide to Human Resources Management

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Six areas you need to look into to ensure you're complying with the Employment Equity Act
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