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Six management tips you can't do without!

by , 10 September 2015
Managing employees is no easy task. And sifting through loads of management self-help books and reports to know you're doing things the right way, is no easy feat!

Here are six handy tips you can use right now to make sure you're managing your employees in the best possible way.

Six management tips you can't do without!
Tip#1: Every employee has 5 to 10 great ideas right now. Here's how to uncover them!
'The people sitting in your department have five to ten good ideas right now,' says creativity guru Michael Michalko. 'Those ideas will disappear if you don't devise ways to collect them.'
Here's one great idea to 'collect' your employees great ideas: Create your own Hall of Fame. Recognise good ideas by posting a description of the idea next to a photograph of the person who came up with it.
Tip#2: Stop office politics with one question
If you have employees who constantly bring their petty squabbles to you to mediate: The next time they come to you, ask 'What do you think you should have done before bringing this to my attention?'
If they reply 'We don't know,' don't let them off the hook. Instead, push them by saying: 'You must have some suggestions. I want to hear your ideas before I make any comments.'
Tip#3: Encourage employees to challenge you
In making decisions we tend to look for evidence that justifies what we want to do rather than facts that could help us evaluate it. Fight this trap by assigning your employees to challenge your plan. You'll help those who want to become managers; you'll also build trust and increase your idea sources. But, you also get tested: If your idea's weak, you have to revise it and move on!
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Tip#4 What to do if your employee commits an offence after you him
If one of your employees commits an act of misconduct which also constitutes a criminal offence after you have hired him you can deal with this as a straightforward misconduct issue. For example, dishonesty or non- compliance with your company procedures. But if an employee commits an offence outside working hours, you can only take disciplinary action if this offence directly affects the employment relationship in some way.
Tip#5: Don't treat this behaviour as misconduct
You can't treat all behaviour that you dislike as misconduct. If, for example, your employee does the following, it doesn't qualify as disciplinable misconduct:
  • Reporting the employer's infringements of the law to the relevant authorities;
  • Lodging a grievance with the employer's management or Human Resources department;
  • Refusing to carry out an unlawful or unfair instruction; 
  • Referral of a dispute against you to the CCMA; and
  • Responding emotionally to abuse by any level of management.

Tip#6: Boost teamwork by implementing these five 'don'ts' today
  1. Don't lay guilt trips on your team members, they're not likely to respond to them. Rather ask them in a straightforward manner to do something and explain the consequences if they don't do it. 
  2. Don't gloss over problems or try and hide the downside of things. Acknowledge the facts openly, this will encourage positive communication.
  3. Don't be insincere when offering sympathy, most people can detect this. Rather just acknowledge the person's feelings, if that's all you can offer.
  4. Don't try to force a team member to change, you're not likely to succeed. Let them hold their own opinions on matters.
  5. Don't focus on blame or try to prove someone wrong, instead focus on solutions. This way you'll move forward and overcome the problem.
So start being the best manager you can be today!

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Six management tips you can't do without!
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