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Six rookie mistakes that cost managers their best employees...

by , 01 July 2015
Management is the science of bringing jobs and people together. Marrying them so employees do their job and have the satisfaction of doing so. If your employees aren't happy they won't strive to meet your goals. And pretty soon there's no more innovation, improvement and motivation for change.

So make sure you don't make these six mistakes that could lead to employees' dissatisfaction and unproductivity… And ultimately losing some of your best employees.
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Six rookie mistakes that could cost you...
Mistake #1: Not setting goals or not setting them properly. 
Set goals in writing. Make sure you set specific time frames to reach them. Involve the team when setting them. Put them somewhere everyone can see them and have a look at them at least once a month so you don't go too far off course before you realise it.
Mistake #2: Communicating ineffectively. 
Your team should be able to bring good or bad news to you. If your team fears you, they'll start hiding bad news. And you might land up finding out about serious matters that could've been minimal if you'd known about them earlier. Put formal systems in place for communication to take place, try make it face-to-face whenever possible.
Mistake #3: Being a teddy bear manager. 
A teddy bear manager is one that wants everyone to like him. This is highly ineffective and very time consuming. You need to learn discipline and conflict management skills, so you're not always the 'good guy'. 
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Mistake #4: Poor hiring. 
Costs are very high when you hire the wrong employee… Agency fees, time and effort, loss of productivity and possible legal fees.
Mistake #5: Only provide criticism and negative discipline. 
Discipline actually means to teach and mould – not punish. That doesn't mean there isn't a place for punishment. If you want to change people's behaviour through discipline do this in private with the employee. If you want to praise him, do it in public and in front of his peers.
Mistake #6: Taking life too seriously. 
Develop a sense of humour, be a fun manager so your team wants to come to work every day.
So there you have it... Don't lose key employees for msitakes you could fix. Enjoyed this article? You could get articles like this every month! Found out how here...

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Six rookie mistakes that cost managers their best employees...
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